Sattviko Pudina Roasted Makhana 6 Jar 70 G Each, 420 g | Healthy Snacks | Gluten Free

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Product Description

sattviko roasted makhanasattviko roasted makhana

Made from popped lotus seeds, Roasted Makhana has traditionally been eaten as a snack during fasting in North India. Sattviko Makhana are roasted slowly to give them extra crunch and then mixed with flavours to create this blissful healthy snack. Makhana is believed to be the snack packed with benefits that of superfood. With 20% less calories and 67% less fat than popcorn, Makhana is also a healthy snacks for weight loss. Each Sattviko Makhana Jar of 70 g packs 9 g of Protein

Makhana made with perfection

makhana raw

makhana raw

Crunchy Makhana

Crunchy Makhana

goodness of health

goodness of health

A Perfect Healthy Snack

Makhana is Antioxidant and is a good source of plant protein, high minerals, carbohydrates, potassium, iron and lot of fibers. Low calories help in weight loss and good for skin with anti aging properties. Makhana is also a gluten free and vegan snack (except Herb n Cheese Flavour).

Snack for you and your family

Customer simply love Sattviko Makhana for the taste and promise of health it delivers. Moms happily give Sattviko Makhana to their kids and husband. They place its health benefits parallel to walnuts and almonds (dry fruits).

Packed with goodness of health

Considered as an Indian superfood, Roasted Makhana has various health benefits which makes it the best alternative amongst the healthy snacks. Roasted Makhana contains less fat than available alternative in market, making it a healthy snack for weight loss.

Makhana SaladMakhana Salad

Make Interesting Recipes with Sattviko Roasted Makhana – Sattviko Makhana Salad

Add your favourite ingredients along with Sattviko roasted makhana to make a flavorful and filling salad.

makhana bhelmakhana bhel

Sattviko Makhana Aloo Bhel

Simply toss stir fried potato with Sattviko Makhana and top it with some tangy dressing such as mint chutney to enjoy this delicious surprise

makhana with teamakhana with tea

Favourite Tea / Movie Time Snacks

Replace popcorn with this new popped Sattviko Makhana snack. Packed with benefits and crispier than popped corn

kids love makhanakids love makhana

Kids simply love makhana

Not only healthy but it is so delicious that your kids will love it

Makhana SaladMakhana Salad

Makhana Salad

makhana bhelmakhana bhel

Makhana Bhel

makhana with teamakhana with tea

Team Time Snacks

kids love makhanakids love makhana

Kids Love It

About SattvikoAbout Sattviko

About Sattviko

At Sattviko, we use the age old science of Indian Superfoods to create super tasty food products, which also offer solutions to most of the health related issues of modern age consumers. By using the goodness of SuperFood, Sattviko has developed a range of products catering to your need of indulgence and desire of remaining fit

Snacks for occasionSnacks for occasion

sattviko doctor imagesattviko doctor image

Expert Recommends Sattviko

I am a mom, wife, daughter and doctor. I strongly recommend Sattviko products to my family and to everyone else around me

Brand I love

Indian Superfoods

for contemporary indulgences

Sattviko products are made to go well with many occasions.



Workout / Yoga

Binge Watching

Reading / Thinking

Breakfast / Tiffin

Party / Celebration

Pudina Flavor: The spicy and tangy flavor of Pudina tossed with exotic spices to give you the lip-smacking flavour
Slow Roasted to maintain nutritional value- Sattviko makhanas are roasted slowly to ensure nutritional value remains intact. Adding healthy choices like consuming roasted Makhana is a vital step in your journey towards healthy lifestyle; Usage: Open the Sattviko Jar and consume directly; Storage Instruction: Store in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight
Made with Perfection: With researched recipes and understanding of customer taste choices, we work hard to create makhana that you will fall in love in first bite
Made From The Finest Ingredients: Sattviko, through its six sigma supply chain, is able to source best quality of makhana; Shelf Life: 180 days; Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Total Weight: 140 gm (Each 70 gm); Package Contents: 2 x 70 gm of pudina makhana jar


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