RINE Nutrition Bars |Sugarfree Energy Bar|6 assorted Granola bars| 2 Peanut Butter protein bars, 2 blueberry fruit bars & 2 strawberry cereal bars | 6 *50 g ( 6 pack box)

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Product Description

High Nutrition Content | Lip Smacking Taste | 0% Added Sugars | Only Natural Ingredients

High Protein barHigh Protein bar

Rich in Natural Nutrition & Sugar Free Granola Bars.

RINE Granola Bars are all natural nutrition bars with 0% artificial ingredients. High on not only Protein but Omega 3 and Anti oxidants as well these bars are loaded with Cereals,Grain, dry fruit and actual fruit it is the best possible healthy snack you need when on the go. RINE promises you a wow taste promise and you will not need to look any further once you have tried it. On the top of it these are 100% sugar free snack bars.

Your Anytime Health Snacking


Product Description

Superfood Granola bar

Refreshing Dose of Juicy Strawberry Nutrition

Delectable Peanut Butter Flavour


5 gm

6 gm

9 gm

Non- GMO

Added Sugar




Naturally Gluten-free

Meal Replacement


Blueberries, chia seeds, flax seeds, almonds, watermelon seeds

Green pumpkin seeds, black grapes, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds

Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, almonds, sesame seeds

Flavours you will fall in love with

range of protein barsrange of protein bars

RINE Nutrition Bar Range

We believe healthy need not always be boring and granola bars should be tasty too. And so, we use healthy ingredients to give you scrumptious, guilt-free indulgence and indisputably, the TASTIEST granola bars you will come across. Try for yourself and you will be pleasantly delighted

CONVENIENT HEALTHY SNACK-Pre work out ,Post work out , 11 AM Office break, Incase luch is getting skipped, 4 PM snack, Pre run,Post run. Our nutrition bars mix well with protein shakes too. Do try and you will be pleasantly surprised .
COMPLETE NUTRITION BAR-Nuts,Seeds, dry fruit and Superfood grain form the bulk of this pack of granola bar. These energy bars are made from Nutrition rich and exotic ingredients like blueberry,strawberry and Peanut Butter .These bars are gluten free and contain almost a bowl of fruit needed for daily nutrition requirement.
TASTE CHALLENGE- RINE guarantees high nutrition bars with no compromise on Tasty. 97.3% of the consumers have found it highly Tasty unlike other bars which have medicinal taste. Its our guarantee.RINE protein bars are unbeaten in this challenge so far. Presence of Dates with Cocoa & Honey provides a smooth and soft texture that you will relish post your hard exercises
HYGENIC- RINE bars has its own manufacturing facilities with full automated line. Each nutrition bar is packed with Nitrogen flushed packaging technology without any human contact. This process maintains proper Hygene, Nutrition profile, Taste & Aroma for longer period of time to deliver high nutrition health snack for you


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