Health Potion,ORGANIC Probiotic drink,Mixed fruit Enzymes,(500 servings), with billions of CFU, Vit. B12, and 20 nutrients

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A healthy digestive system is a gateway to good health. Enzymes are critical for life and living and are wondrous aids to improve health and maintain wellness Their purpose in the gastrointestinal system or our is simple: To extract nutrient from the foods. To break & digest nutrients, into units small enough to be absorbed. To eliminate waste products. Enzymes are efficient at breaking down protein,carbohydrates, and fats. They reduce stress on gastrointestinal mucosa, help maintain normal pH levels. They stimulate the good bacteria in the gut,detoxify and cleanse the colon. Thus,promote the growth of healthy intestinal & colon flora. It slow down the aging process. Plus, enzymes can help you look good and live longer. In today’s complex and fast paced lifestyle, poor eating, environmental pollution, we mostly consume processed, canned, fried, frozen, dried food, overcooked food, food containing pesticides and in fast food. These foods are “enzyme dead”; leads to poor digestion. Poor digestion can give more than stomach ache and gas. It leads to chronic fatigue, premature aging,arthritis,poor skin and hair quality,toxicity,allergies,cancer, can all result from faulty digestion because poor digestion interferes with nutrient breakdown, absorption and metabolism. This allows the toxins to remain in the body and accumulate and over stresses the body.

It breaks down proteins, carbohydrates & fats, thereby reducing stress on the digestive system,detoxifys and promots the growth of healthy intestinal flora.Helps is acidity, gas/ flatulence.
It powers up your digestive system & metabolism.Bolsters the immune system.Used in diabetes management, it works with the hormone insulin & plays a vital role as a glucose tolerance factor.
Helps maintain normal pH levels.Enhances in absorption of iron, assists in converting cholesterol into bile salts. Helps extend life. It maintains proper water balance between fluids & cells.Improves respiratory conditions including throat infections, pharyngitis, sinusitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. Protects during cold & flu season. Fights arthritis, osteoporosis and other degenerative bone & joint diseases. Per bottle contains 500 doses.
It is 100% natural probiotic drink with NO preservatives,chemical, sugar or pesticides NON DAIRY product. It is organic fruit and honey based.


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