Frubites Mango, 20g (Pack of 2)




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(as of Oct 06,2020 14:54:51 UTC – Details)

“Carry the summery taste of mango everywhere you go. A great pick-me-up on those long days at work and an even better travel companion, get your box now! Why wait for summers to eat mangoes? Summer brings with it the promise of rich delicious taste of mangoes, but we do miss the taste during the off season. While there are mango-flavored products and mango fruit snacks available in the market, let’s face it, it’s not the same as the real deal. Frubites mangoes bridge the gap by providing real mangoes in a new avatar. These freeze-dried mangoes are a perfect health snack for kids, adults, office-goers, pregnant women, and anyone who craves the taste all year round. Use this mango snack to impress guests or simply treat yourself with a pack during a long busy day at work, we’re sure that one bite of these freeze dried mangoes is enough to instantly improve your mood! The king of fruits is also a powerhouse of nutrients Have you been feeling guilty about devouring pack after pack of Frubites’ freeze dried mangoes? Don’t! Mangoes are packed with nutrients, such as Vitamin C, which plays a critical role in the growth of tissues, maintenance of cartilages and bones. Such functions help in strengthening the immune system, regulating metabolism, lowering cholesterol, better digestion, and improving the health of our eyes. Pretty sure you don’t need any more reason to grab your next pack of mango Frubites!”

No added sugar
No preservatives
Use to garnish deserts
Nourishing and rich in vitamins


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